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Je t'aime Franchise - SYSTEM AND CONDITIONS

What is Je t'aime Franchise?

We offer high quality fashion to make avatars more real and attractive. We try to match all needs; so from linguerie to clubwear, or casual to formal.

What is a Franchise System?

The Franchise System is very simple and easy: You buy the vendors (products) you want to offer and place them in your store. The vendors contain a split script and you get 40% of all sales.


There will only be some conditions for franchise partners. + YOU HAVE TO BE MEMBER IN THE :: Je t'aime FRANCHISE :: GROUP!!! + Please do not change the vendors in any form or try to modify in any copyright sense. + You have to place the Je t'aime Franchise logo in/at your shop. Get the sign in the "Free Franchise Package" at the Franchise Shop! + Do not offer any stuff (also freebies) as :: Je t'aime Franchise :: stuff! Je t'aime Freebies are available at Je t'aime Franchise office! + FASHION SHOWS AND OTHER SPECIAL EVENTS HAVE TO BE ANNOUNCED TO US!!!

Prices and Permissions

Vendor Price is 49 L$ - 999 L$ for a vendor. The vendors are: mod / copy / no trans So you buy one vendor (outfit) and can place it in several stores.

How the vendors work?

The vendors are all connected to the main server, so there are only 2 scripts in the vendor. After purchase the server deliveres the product to the customer. So if there is any update for a product, all vendors get it automatically.

Refund and Responsability?

The costumer is the Queen btw King at Je taime - we awaite from you as franchise Partner, that you are also costumer friendly. Cause our products are all non transferable, and can unlimited be copied, we do NO refund of any vendor purchases - so all buys are final! If a delivery error has happened, please inform us as quickly as possible, and give us all necassary informations: The time and date, the region, name of the costumers, exactly name of the product, and pls copies with the error messages in the local chat. Please think about, that if you do that quickly, and accurately, the costumer will get the product quickly too - If we need to do questions back, it will be for everybody a pain. If costumers change their avatar (or LL closes their account) we will NOT transfer products to new avatar.

How to get Je t'aime franchise partner vendors

Order Je t'aime franchise partner vendors directly from this homepage
Order Je t'aime franchise partner vendors on Marketplace(XstreetSL)

Je t'aime Mainstore in world

Je t'aime Mainstore


If you have any questions please contact
Mascha Boa - Designer and Owner

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