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G-String *Adonis* - black
    G-String *Adonis* - FATPACK
      G-String *Adonis* - red
        G-String *Adonis* - darkblue
          G-String *Adonis* - blue
            G-String *Adonis* - orange
              G-String *Adonis* - white
                G-String *Adonis* - green
                  G-String *Adonis* - litegreen
                    G-String *Adonis* - mauve
                      G-String *Adonis* - babyblue
                        G-String *Adonis* - yellow
                          G-String *Adonis* - mint
                            G-String *Adonis* - darkgrey
                              G-String *Adonis* - purple
                                G-String *Adonis* - pink


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